Conergy SolarControlPlus

Consent to use the Conergy SolarControlPlus-Portal-Services

Retail Customer

This Conergy SolarControlPlus portal is an additional service completing your experience with the new photovoltaic installation. The SolarControlPlus-portal is an innovative website for monitoring and analyzing Conergy´s photovoltaic installations - the data will be processed in the background with the respective data logger asscociated to your installation and formatted in an easy-to-read-style in the SolarControlPlus-portal. Your technical provider has already set up the system for you.

In this context we need to inform you that personally identifiable information (PII) is processed with this service. These data are covered by the German Federal Data Protection Act (FDPA). Technical and organizational measures have been set up to protect these data against unlawful use and unauthorized access. Only authorized personnel of Conergy Services GmbH have access to these data for support and maintenance purposes.

You are free to use the service or decide against it. If you want to use this service, please consent by activating the check box and click on the respective button. This also activates the automatic update of the logging software.

If you decide not to use this service, you can have your account and all data deleted at any time, in this case just tell us with an email at

Technical Provider

Please notice that personally identifiable information (PII) is processed with the first setup of the SolarControlPlus-Account for your customers. The processing of these data is legally covered by the contract of services between you and your customer. The use of the SolarControlPlus-portal however is a separate processing of data which the customer has to consent to.

It is your duty as the professional technical provider to inform your customers about the fact that their PII are available on the internet, even if these data is protected from unauthorized access through username and password. The customer needs to be informed that the PII can be deleted at any time - also, that the account and all data will be deleted automatically if the service hasn´t been used within 3 months.

With the click of the button you confirm that you have informed your customer(s) about the data processing involved with this service.

I accept the terms stated above.